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Meet Mr. Salazar


I started in education in 1986 as an educational aide in Pettus, TX (my hometown) working with all levels.  I really loved the work, so I went back to school for three years to take education classes and get certified.  I've taught students at every level (PK - Adult Education) over the past 33 years.  I spent a year in Saudi Arabia teaching English and job training for Saudi Aramco in Riyadh.  Upon returning, I started to take on more administrative jobs.  My last public school job was with CCISD where I was the Director for Student Support Services.  I love doing what I can to help students succeed.  I also love making them aware that they too have a voice and are valued.  Working in a Catholic school gives me the opportunity to worship where I work, help evangelize young people, and work with amazing staff and parents.  OLPH Academy is truly the best school in our city!


Like many of you, I had some really great teachers growing up; and I had some really bad teachers growing up. I was usually comparing them to each other wishing one was more like the other.  Dr. Rita Pierson said, "kids don't learn from people they don't like".  There is a lot of truth in that.  Students who feel disconnected, ignored, a burden to the teacher, or that they cannot get certain concepts are in danger of running out and never coming back.  It is imperative that we build relationships with students and their parents.  To get an insight about their preferred learning styles and find what interests them.  We also have to give students choice and a voice in their learning.  Give them a variety of ways to show what they have learned and allow them to have some say in their own curriculum and learning; i.e., give them choices and allow them to express themselves.  And really, bottom line is that we have to love each one of them.  Check this video out from Dr. Rita Pierson:



Please feel free to email me at [email protected] .  Or please call the office and make an appointment to see me at 361.991.3305.