Code of Conduct


Our Catholic faith calls for discipline that is derived from respect, compassion and understanding of each other. OLPH Academy joins the parents in accepting responsibility for helping children to learn to control their own behavior and to be responsible for their own words and actions. Children are guided toward this goal in an atmosphere conducive to learning with a strong emphasis on spiritual and moral growth.

Parents and students are expected to comply with directives and school policies. Parents are expected to support the disciplinary process and to cooperate fully with the administration and the faculty in the enforcement of these policies. Lack of cooperation on the part of the parents and/or the student may jeopardize the present and future enrollment of a student. Parents must refrain from disciplining their child or any other child on campus.

Bullying will not be tolerated. Complaints will be investigated and will result in immediate appropriate disciplinary action according to the nature of the offense. Encourage your child to report any/all incidents of bullying immediately.

Self-esteem will be nurtured as part of a “peacemaking discipline” to be employed in the classroom. This program will establish expectations for student behavior and correct any behavior that disrupts the student or others in the classroom. Each of the grades has developed steps for appropriate behavior in their grade levels. Homeroom teachers will hand out or post classroom rules that follow the Discipline Policy. However, seven cardinal rules of conduct will be followed throughout the school:

  1. Respect prayer time.
  2. Be honest.
  3. Show respect for yourself, adults, others and all property.
  4. Be prepared for school and all activities.
  5. Allow others to work undisturbed in classrooms.
  6. Follow directions.
  7. Keep your hands to yourself.

The Administration reserves the right to modify and/or add new directives and consequences to this discipline policy as individual circumstances require.