Education Advisory Council

Educational School Advisory Council works in partnership with the Principal and/or President. The council is consultative to the Principal and/or President. It is expected to be a collaborative body with all members contributing to the discussion.


Areas in which the Educational Advisory Council will have consultative input:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Finance
  • Academic Excellence
  • Plant and Facilities
  • Strategic Planning
  • Advancement/Development and Marketing

Advisory Council functions are to work in concert with the Pastor, the Parish, and the Principal and/or President to recommend school procedures and guidelines, in accordance with Diocesan guidelines, to the Pastor, the Parish, and the Parish Finance Council (to work in concert with the Principal and/or President for diocesan schools) for their consideration and enactment, in their discretion, and to provide advice and assistance to each, as requested by them, with regard to the parish school or diocesan school. The Educational Advisory Council does not have the authority, nor is it its function, to formulate or enact procedures and guidelines.


2023-2024 Advisory Council Members (coming soon):

  1. Fr. Frank X. Martinez, STL - pastor
  2. Alecia Avolio - Council Chair
  3. Celina Pena - Vice Chair
  4. Veronica Yzaguirre
  5. Meghan Romero
  6. Annette Del Llano
  7. Mari Munoz