Cafeteria Crew:
Main Phone Number: 361-991-3305
Manager: Lisa Ledesma
Assistant: Emma Dominguez
Account Manager:Janelle Valadez

Hot meals are prepared daily and follow the Healthy Food Guidelines. The cost of hot lunch is $4.00. Students may purchase a hot lunch from school or bring a lunch from home. All students are expected to eat lunch. Lunches may be paid daily, weekly, or monthly. No charging will be permitted. In the event that a student owes more than $15.00, parents will be contacted by phone to send in payment and only a sandwich and white milk will be provided for your child, until the account is paid.

A monthly menu is posted on Facts Family Portal. Lunch is prepared on site and students may also bring a lunch from home. Do not send your child with fast food items. Family lunch days are on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Cafeteria meals:

  • Meets all USDA Requirements
  • Lunch includes daily food selections, hot lunch menu and milk
  • Student Lunch cost w/drink is $4.00 per day, Adult Lunch cost w/drink is $5.00 per day
  • Single options – Drinks-$.50, Chips-$.50-$.75
  • On every other Wednesday- Ice Cream Available -$.25-$.50, to be paid separately from Lunch account