Faculty for Middle School:
Mrs. Janida DeLaRosa
Email Contact: janidad@olphacademycc.org

Mrs. Amanda Garza
Email Contact: amandagarza@olphacademycc.org

Mr. Ricardo Bazan
Email Contact: rbazan@olphacademycc.org

Telephone Contact: 361-991-3305

Academic and Spiritual Objective for Middle School

The main objective of OLPH Academy is to help prepare our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students academically and spiritually for the world beyond middle school. We integrate daily prayer, weekly mass, service projects, and class retreats into our curriculum to ensure that our students are aware of the importance of God in their daily lives.

Organization and study skills  are taught and reinforced daily via the use of school planners, RenWeb, and tutoring sessions. Daily homework and class projects are integral components of the curriculum as well as guest speakers and research projects. Communication with  parents via email, phone calls, and parent conferences ensure that the student is always held accountable for his/her actions, behavior, and academic success.